Just as penicillin became a global life-saver by virtue of its chemistry and mass production, mass produced intelligent clothing and its universal binder, the internet, will save lives and improve the health of millions of infants, mothers, heart patients and the elderly.

Intelligent Clothing was founded ten years ago to pursue an idea that ordinary washable undergarments could provide an intensive care standard of wireless health monitoring. At the time neither electronic components, battery power, digital signal processing techniques or the internet existed with sufficient sophistication to realise the idea. However, continuous evolution of both the industry and the company's research has produced a manufacturable SmartPatch™ with internet connectivity, suitable for Special Care Baby Units and the home.

Continuous, computer analysed home-based health monitoring, as provided by technologies such as Intelligent Clothing will have a profound and beneficial effect on world health. It is Intelligent Clothing's mission to categorise and exploit these commercial opportunities for improved welfare starting with infant and maternal telemonitoring.

The Company is both UK and US based.

Alan Magill, Founder and Chairman

Having experienced both ends of the commercial and industrial spectrum, from small mass-produced houseware products to large macro-economic innovations, Alan has devoted the last ten years to combining some of the benefits of each to produce the world's smallest multi-parameter wireless health monitor, Intelligent Clothing's SmartPatch™ technology.

With this system, together with the dedicated development team based in London, Florida and Los Angeles and a supporting portfolio of health monitoring innovations, Alan has an international vision for the company to lead the emerging infant and maternal telemonitoring industry.

He intends to build on this potentially commanding position provided by SmartPatch™ and SmartBand™ technologies for infants and mothers by developing additional technologies for the adult market to include the recently patent-granted, "EKG Vests" for heart patients and the patent-applied-for "3D Imaging by the Acceleration of Matter", a clothing-based alternative to ultrasound.

With these technical tools and a maturing knowledge of the US and EC care-givers market – the doctors, hospitals, parents and insurers, Alan is confident that a longstanding and profitable business will be maintained.

Darryl Schofield, Senior Engineer, BA (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Darryl has all round experience in medical product design, radio systems and electronic engineering for production.

Previously a Senior Engineer Philips Medical Systems and Senior Design Engineer for Celertec Ltd, a medical infusion pump company, Darryl has in-depth medical engineering experience. Additionally, as Principal Engineer for Aid-Call Plc, (remote medical monitoring) and Engineering Manager of Ramar Technology Ltd. (remote water meter reading) Darryl has broadened his medical experience to include low power mass-producible wireless systems. This has led to his innovative design and the outstanding performance of the SmartPatch™ intelligent clothing system.

Michael Meakin, Senior Radio Engineer

Michael has 30 years experience in electronics and radio disciplines including 8 years as Manager Manchester University Medical Electronics Workshop, Senior Consulting European Analogue Applications Engineer for National Semiconductor Corp and Senior Engineer, Echelon Corporation, a $20m a start-up for a universal networking chip.

Michael is multiple patent holder for radio designs and a frequent publisher in European electronic journals

Dr. Ning Li, DSP Manager, BSc (Honours) Computer Science

Having gained her PhD in Computer Science from the University of Manchester on variable bit-rate speech signal processing, Ning has been responsible for the development of the company's cardio respiratory algorithms and now leads the company's analytical software design.

Dr. Michael Bailey, Oximetry Engineer, BA (Hons), First Class Hons Physics, Oriel College, Oxford.

Following a distinguished education at Oxford University, Michael has had 19 years experience in electronics including 6 years as a British Broadcasting Company (BBC) Research Engineer developing digital TV and radio where he co-invented "Teleswitching" – Subliminal Long Wave transmission to control electricity meters by radio.

He is now the company's senior engineer for SmartBand technology, our neonatal wireless pulse oximetry device.

Thomas Wilde, Senior Software Engineer, MSc. Computer Science Information Systems Engineering.

Tom has developed novel 3D imaging in C++, user-friendly in-house Web development tools, bespoke Intranet enhancement software for Chase Manhatten Bank, ultra-secure XML database development for financial services and an innovative engineering-drawing tagging software for oil rig inventories.

He is responsible for the company's Bedside Display Unit (BDU) and internet connectivity software development.

Dr. Akbar de' Medici, Neonatal Research Executive, MBBS., BSc (Honours) Physiology

Having completed his PhD on the Apnoea of Prematurity under the supervision of Professor Anthony Milner in St. Thomas's Special Care Baby Unit, Akbar has provided four years of hands-on research and development expertise with babies at St. Thomas's and Guy's Hospitals.

He has actively contributed to the company's innovative designs including respiratory and cardiac sensors and their related DSP algorithm development.

Professor Christopher Newth, Medical Director

Professor Newth is the founding academic of Intelligent Clothing. As emeritus Professor of Critical Care at Los Angeles Childrens Hospital, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Southern California and a leading researcher in paediatric respiratory physiology, particularly in plethysmography and throraco-abdominal phase angle interpretation and analysis, Kit has advised the Company since its origin eleven years ago

Professor Anthony Milner, Senior Consulting Paediatric Advisor

As Director of Paediatrics (Rtd.) of St Thomas's Hospital Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU), London and a renowned paediatric scientist specializing in lung function, Anthony enabled the Company's technology to evolve from a concept to proof-of-concept during five years of R & D at the SCBU. He continues to advise the Company on technical issues and to facilitate its evolution by means of introduction to the paediatric research community.

Arthur Ward, Director – Regulatory Affairs

Arthur is a previous Member of the Board of the USA Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) and Senior Vice President Mercury Medical Inc. He was Manager Technical Services and Senior Vice President of Mercury Medical until 1999. He managed the $10B budget of Mercury, supervised FDA and Quality Assurance procedures, organised the relocation of the Company's manufacturing processes from California to Florida and initiated and developed their International Sales division.

As Director USA Commercial Affairs and as CEO of his own approvals consultancy, he is supervising Intelligent Clothing's FDA approvals in the USA.

Jane Elson, Textile and Fashion Design Executive, Des RCA

Jane has thirty-three years experience in the fashion industry. She qualified at L'Academie International de Coupe Paris and The Royal College of Art and has been Assistant Designer at Matti Couture and Head Designer at Matti Ready to Wear.

Jane is currently a Senior Lecturer at the London School of Fashion and has been responsible for designing the shape of Intelligent Clothing's unique wrap-around-neonatal garments. This has required her to study the unusual ergonomic and conforming requirements of neonates at St. Thomas's Special Care Baby Unit.