Home Monitoring

The doctor's telemonitoring product brings a new dimension to electronic patient management. For the first time doctors can have 24/7 physiological records with minimum inconvenience or stress for their patients.

Intelligent Clothing does not appear to the patient to be a monitoring device and yet it provides advanced cardio-respiratory, temperature and oxygen saturation monitoring tools for the doctor. This enables a higher degree of objectivity during the decision-making process both for intervention and for hospital admittance.

Care Control Software

Intelligent Clothing's Care Control Software will reside on the company's Internet Service Provider's (ISP) server. This software will run using Active X Control executable code which provides the user with multiple analysis functions with instant access to any patients' data following one initial download.

Multiple Baby Management – Data Iconism

Care Control Software includes a unique management system, referred to as "Data Iconism" which enables the user to observe up to 25 patients simultaneously on a single computer screen. Each icon graphically represents a patient's cardio-respiratory and O2 physiology. Alarms can be set by the doctor and in the event of a "be aware" event a graphic and audio signal can be transmitted via the internet to his computer, a PDA or his message centre.

Typical Applications

Typical applications for Intelligent Clothing and Care Control Software is the provision of care for pre-terms suffering reduced lung function or babies with respiratory disease such as bronchiolitis, croup and, later in life - asthma. Sophisticated respiratory tools, such as phase angle, plethysmographic shape recognition and tidal volume are to be provided in a user-friendly graphical format.

Post operative care is another application whereby babies returning home from a cardiac operation, for example, can be monitored for variations in interbeat (RR) intervals, fever and, given the evolution of Intelligent Clothing's patent "Imaging from the acceleration of matter", hydraulic anomalies and arrhythmia.


The wide-spread use of internet-communicated data facilitated by Intelligent Clothing will enable large cohorts of babies to provide long term and continuous data. The Care Control Software website will have a facility for all doctors to register their patient and their patient's care on the central database, suitably encrypted to comply with the data protection act of their country of origin.

The database will be managed by Intelligent Clothing to orchestrate and co-ordinate the application of the data to provide an enhanced understanding of specific diseases. By the additional involvement of the relevant centres of excellence and pharmaceutical corporates it is envisaged that new and improved treatments for disease will result.