Intelligent Clothing is an emerging pediatric and maternal-fetal health telemonitoring company.

The heart of its technology is the world's first telemonitoing system for infants – a revolutionary SmartPatch™ and SmartBand™ multi-parameter wireless monitor with internet connectivity.

SmartPatch™ technology is the smallest and least invasive ambulatory monitoring system in existence. Weighing approximately 9 grams, the credit card sized SmartPatch™ continuously monitors the heart, respiration and temperature and radios the data to a Bedside Display Unit (BDU), for onward transmission to doctors via the company's web server.

Intelligent clothing renders obsolete unsightly and un-nerving monitoring devices in that an intensive-care-standard of monitoring can be obtained from what appears to be normal every-day underclothing. The clothing is mass producible and inexpensive, costing a fraction of the traditional respiratory, EKG and ultrasound devices it can replace.

The product is being developed for Special Care Baby Units, birthing hospitals, for doctors to monitor their home-based patients remotely and to improve the cost-efficiency of multi-centre clinical trials.

The internet connectivity software is the first of its kind in that respiratory, pulmonary, oximetry and temperature waveforms will be observed in real-time.