Physiology monitoring

SmartPatch and SmartBand wireless technologies are evolving from standard, Phase l, cardiac and respiratory rate, EKG, oxygen saturation and temperature monitoring to encompass Phase ll -enhanced respiratory plethysmography, cardiac imaging, and video transmission.

The prime purpose of Intelligent Clothing's physiological monitoring is to provide the physician with three fundamental categories of information:-
  • "Is my patient getting better or worse?"
  • "Are events leading towards a life-critical situation?"
  • "How effective is my intervention?"

Phase I Monitoring

Phase I monitoring provides continuous real-time and historical display of respiratory rate, heart rate and RR intervals, temperature and oxygen saturation. At any time a doctor can set alarms for these physiological markers via his web browser to advise him of trends.

Current Event display :- heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation.

Analysis tools
By touching the screen at the appropriate place, or by mouse curser, a suite of analytical tools become available.

The respiratory tool, for example, will display thoraco-abdominal phase angle shift, this being the relationship between the movement of the abdomen and thorax as a marker for upper airway Restriction*. Apnoea events can also be displayed and plotted for duration, frequency and type, (mixed, central or restrictive).

Respiratory tools:- Phase Angle Monitoring

Cardiac features
Similarly, cardiac diagnostic features such as the RR interval can be extracted by touching the heart rate icon.

Oximetry – SmartBand

Intelligent Clothing has developed a wired oxygen saturation monitor using Datex-Ohmeda's OEM components and a foot-mounted SmartBand. This will be converted to a wireless system using the Company's low frequency radio and in-house hardware later in 2003.

Intervention performance
By touching the Intervention Icon a screen displays for doctors to enter details of drug therapy and other procedures. This translates to the analytical historical display where intervention is tracked against outcome.

Multi-patient monitoring
Multi-baby monitoring, the facility whereby several patients may be monitored simultaneously, is made available by the Company's proprietary Data Iconism. Here animated icons provide "at a glance" data of 25 babies on a single screen with visual and audio alarms.

Phase ll Monitoring

Advanced analytical techniques currently under development by Intelligent Clothing include identifying the onset of neonatal respiratory fatigue by chest wall shape recognition, and, an alternative to ultrasound - passive acoustic 3 dimensional imaging of the heart using SmartPatch technology.

Fetal-maternal monitoring
The technology used for cardiac imaging is also being developed for pregnant mothers to monitor fetal movement remotely and to distinguish between the mother's and the fetal heart output.

Video streaming
Intelligent Clothing intends to add video streaming to its monitoring portfolio by collaboration with a corporate partner skilled in this field. It is intended that the camera will be built into the Bedside Display Unit (BDU) and be equipped with an angle-poise lens and independent lighting.

Physicians wanting to collaborate with Intelligent Clothing on the development of these innovative systems are invited to apply by

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*A Phase ll monitoring facility