Intelligent Clothing's wireless technology uses ultra low power low frequency radio, an order of magnitude lower than Bluetooth or mobile phone frequencies. It is a unique design not previously used for medical applications; it employs and enhances collision avoidance integrity suitable for both the home and hospital environment. 25 SmartPatches™ can be used in one room or ward without risk of data collision.

Each SmartPatch™ will run for 24 hours continuously, on a small inductively rechargeable cell battery. Flashing lights in the teddy bear's eyes advise the user that the system is working and, during the recharge cycle, that the battery is fully charged.

Data is transmitted to a nearby Bedside Display Unit (BDU) for onward transmission via 802.11b to a Nurse's Central Station computer in the hospital ward, or, in the home environment via either 22 Mbps wireless broadband access point or a 56k modem.